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Support organisations to adopt Cloud technologies and DevOps practices to increase agility and reduce time to market. Increasing efficiency, reducing cost and providing scalable and secure solutions for the modern business.

Specialised in building scalable and secure cloud platforms and teams in a range of Enterprise to Startup environments we work with you, using a breadth of industry standard tools to deliver on a range of platforms crafting a bespoke solutions catered to each client's needs.



Extensive experience delivering and scaling projects across multiple cloud providers using vendor specific and agnostic technologies.


Leveraging DevOps practices, paradigms and tools to break down silos enabling high trust, secure environments allowing increased business velocity supported by scalable technology.


Translating business strategy to technological delivery. Recruiting, developing and managing remote, agile, teams. Building relationships and aligning business processes.


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v2x Data Marketplace

Remote leadership and transformation. Delivering a Data Marketplace

Leading a remote team of engineers and developers to build, support and scale a big data platform responsible for ingesting, transforming and delivering data via a public marketplace.

Brought to Lead DevOps functions during the Coronavirus pandemic, transforming the SysOps function, enabling monitoring, security and implemented processes to support business growth while reducing expenses on support contracts and resource waste. Implementing KPI and Value Stream analysis for key stakeholders.


Dates: Jan-July 2021

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Azure Engineering Leadership

Team Leadership, Platform Development & Technical Delivery

Recruited, developed and retained a remote team of engineers to support a platform scaled to over 100 workloads across EMEA. Drove technological and business decisions to implement configuration management, project management and service tooling.

I drove key design decisions on the design of our hybrid cloud implementation using a hub-spoke model supported by Global colleagues. Building relationships across the business allowed my team to influence strategic decisions and presented KPI and operation details to senior management while also getting hands on as a technical lead to support junior engineers.

Company: Deloitte

Dates: Nov 2019 - Jan 2021

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AWS Platform

Scalable Landing Zones & Enterprise Project Delivery

Senior engineer building and delivering multiple internal projects while also supporting design and delivery of the AWS Landing Zone to support wider business needs. I implemented automated, event driven systems to reduce manual overhead while also building relationships and educating the business on technological decisions.

Company: Deloitte

Dates: Sep 2018 - Nov 2019

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Voice, Video and Collaboration

Dynamics 365 integration

Combining a mix of VOIP, WebRTC, Chat, Bots and Screen sharing technology operating on Linux on Azure IaaS Services across 10 Azure regions.

I developed custom tooling and integrations to support business requirements. Was responsible for monitoring, automated deployments, security and provided advanced support for the platform during critical events.

Company: CafeX Communications

Dates: June 2017 - Sep 2018

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Video Conferencing

Containerised VOIP / WebRTC platform

An early containerised, Kubernetes, deployment hosted on AWS to deliver a scalable video conferencing solution.

I architected the AWS environment, implemeted the infrastructure using Terraform and orchestrated build and release using Spinnaker while taking on a support role in Kubernetes administration.

Company: CafeX Communications

Dates: Dec 2017 - Sep 2018


AWS Solutions Architect
AWS SysOps Administrator
Azure Administrator
APMG AgilePM Practitioner
Agile Business Consortium Certified SCRUM Master